What is this?

Edifice is a series of maps that explore Chicago's built environment.

Each map reveals a different facet of this great American city - building footprints, demolitions, violations, and new construction.

Who made it, and why?

We built the maps to showcase the Edifice built environment database (see below.)

Built by Cory Mollet and Juan-Pablo Velez from Open City during the Center for Neighborhood Technology's Reinventing Chicago hackathon.

Cory wrestled the building data into shape. Juan designed the maps - with lots of help from Mapbox's Alex Barth and Ian Villeda.

What is the Edifice database?

The City of Chicago and Cook County possess dozens of datasets that touch on Chicago's buildings - from building inspections, to zoning, to property values.

Cory tied these disparate datasets together, and we now have rich data on every one of Chicago's 800,000 buildings. We call this the Edifice database.

In short, we're assembling the first real-time model of a great American city. And we plan to publish it as an open data platform that urban scientists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs can build on.

Interested? Get in touch.

What tech did you use?

We borrowed the website skeleton and map styles from the awesome folks at Mapbox. The original website is here , the code is here.

You can view the code for this site here , and for the TileMill projects we used to make the maps here.

Here's a laundy list of technologies we used:

- Javascript
- Wax
- Modest Maps
- TileMill
- Mapbox map hosting
- PostgreSQL + PostGIS